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Active Adult Communities and Retirement Living

Taking it Easy Planned Seniorhood offers one of the largest directories of Active Adult Communities on the Internet. If you’ve become an empty nester and are looking to find just the right retirement community, we think our Website is the No. 1 place to go. Whether you’re looking for an active adult community, assisted living residence or just a really nice place to live, we’ve created links to every community in the U.S. that we’ve been able to find. And we’re continually adding more. We’ve even included a wide selection of international active adult and retirement communities. All of our active adult community and other retirement community links are absolutely free for you to browse. So have fun.

Active Adults and Senior Citizens Find Information Here

Locating retirement homes and active adult communities, financial planning for a comfortable retirement, keeping current with senior-related health and political issues: these are all concerns that we have as we reach retirement age. This website was created to help you find answers to these important issues and more. We hope you enjoy it. If you’re primarily looking for active adult living or retirement communities, you can just click here for a clickable U. S. map, or select one of the many categories of information from the side menus.

Active Adult Living

Active SeniorsSeniorhood is that time in our lives when we transition from roles of raising families and working long hours to finding ourselves faced with the freedom to explore new-found hobbies and revive long-abandoned dreams. The newest generation to plunge forth into seniorhood – Baby Boomers – are considered the most active and energetic people ever to approach retirement age. Active adult living isn’t about sitting idly around a television set or watching the world from a front porch rocker. Those sedentary lifestyles are no longer considered de rigueur among our generation of active adults. We’re playing golf, tennis, riding motorcycles, sailing, travelling, returning to college, sky diving, scuba diving, painting, writing, beginning new careers, volunteering — doing all the things that we used to do and even some things we didn’t. The housing industry has done an excellent job paying attention to society’s revised approach to aging and has begun developing active adult communities to complement the active adult lifestyle. Age-restricted active adult communities, where at least one member in the household needs to be a certain age (usually 55+) are now a housing option in most every state, and their numbers are quickly growing. Ranch-style homes, duplexes, garden homes, apartments, townhomes, condominium complexes, gated entrances, maintenance-free yards, country club amenities, university access, aging-friendly interiors, are just some of the options to consider when choosing an active adult community.

Directory of Communities: Active Adult Communities, Age-Restricted and Non-Age-Restricted Communities, 55 plus Communities, Assisted Living and Retirement Communities, Active Adult Apartments, Condominiums, & Townhomes, University-Affiliated, Co-Housing

To assist you with your new home search, PlannedSeniorhood has put together a directory of communities by state for each of these categories:

  • Active Adult Communities – These communities generally have an age restriction where at least one member of the household needs to be a certain age, generally 50+, 55+, or 60+. The required minimum age for living in one of these age-restricted communities can vary among communities.
  • Active Adult or Senior Apartments, Condominiums, & Townhomes – These communities are frequently, but not always, found in urban or resort areas and usually have an age restriction.
  • Non-Age Restricted Active Adult Communities – These communities do not have an age restriction but often have many of the amenities expected of today’s active adult and aging population. These communities may be attractive to those active adults looking to live in a certain area that may not yet offer age-restricted communities.
  • Assisted Living & Retirement Communities – These communities include Continued Care Retirement Communities, where residents may enjoy an independent lifestyle knowing there will be on-site assisted care for their future needs. Traditional assisted living communities and facilities that accomodate patients with Alzheimer’s will also be included under this category.
  • University Affiliated Communities – These communities offer a variety of housing options that share an affiliation with a university.
  • Co-housing Communities – These communities are typically close-knit communities who may or may not have an age restriction, and are formed and managed by residents with the intent of sharing common facilities.
  • International Communities – These communities are active adult or retirement communities located outside the U.S. that may be of interest to those seeking an international move or are interested in a second home purchase. Some communities included in this listing may not have an age restriction but might be attractive to the active adult.

Also of interest to those nearing retirement is evaluating how prepared one is financially to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle throughout the remainder of their lives. Whether choosing to retire or continuing to work beyond retirement, having a sound financial plan in place allows for greater flexibility of lifestyle choices. To take advantage of the many choices available to today’s active adult and in order to get the most out of the retirement years, it’s best to have had a plan in place on how to maximize your fun when the time comes. PlannedSeniorhood will share certain articles found to be useful regarding financial planning for those who have done a good job with their prior saving and investment strategies, as well as for those feverishly playing catch-up. Active Adult Communities and Retirement Planning A major component in most people’s retirement planning or for those considering their retirement future is determining where to live once the children leave home and a large living space is no longer needed. There are many choices about where to live during your seniorhood years as there are a variety of home styles. Some people will prefer to continue living in their current home, while others may consider the option of selling their house, perhaps downsizing, and maybe even relocating to a nice active adult community where school zoning is no longer as relevant to the community as the abundance of amenities, low-maintenance yards, and the opportunity to live among neighbors that are similar in age and interests. At the same time, considering what will happen should you eventually need to live in an assisted living apartment or retirement home may also be a factor in this decision-making process. Because this is such a major decision, and because searching for the perfect active adult community or retirement home is so difficult on the Internet, PlannedSeniorhood decided to do much of the leg work for you. At PlannedSeniorhood, you will find one of the most complete directories of active adult communities, retirement communities, senior apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and assisted living homes that you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. There is a large selection of active adult communties listed both for new homes, as well as apartment living and assisted care living for every state, including Washington D. C., and even some international locations. Some web sites may request membership to view their active adult communities or retirement communities, but the real estate listings that you’ll find at PlannedSeniorhood are absolutely free for you to use as a resource in finding the very best active adult communities, retirement home or assisted living facilities to meet your needs. For example, did you know that active adult communities catering to seniors who enjoy living in the university environment and plan to return to school again after retirement are available? There are, and you can find them here! Below you will find a list of active adult communities, retirement communities, assisted living homes and speciality active adult communities by state. Please feel free to browse around. We wish you success in finding the perfect active adult, retirement, or assisted living community and will do our best to make searching for your new home a pleasant one.

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