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December 30, 2006

Supplementing Income for Senior Citizens – Part 2

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Making the decision to return to work, especially as a senior citizen, can be both an exciting and intimidating experience. Actually receiving a paycheck at the end of a work period made payable in your own name is quite satisfying, especially if it’s for work that you enjoy and you are fortunate enough to have coworkers that appreciate your efforts.

December 10, 2006

Supplementing Income for Senior Citizens – Part 1

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menprostate.jpgIn my introductory post titled Supplementing Income for Senior Citizens, I mentioned that there are any number of reasons why a senior might find that he or she may need to supplement their income. And while I don’t think the specific reasons are particularly relevant, I’d like to mention a few briefly, if only for the sake of reassuring those of us that may face financial shortcomings during our senior years, that we are not alone.

December 8, 2006

Prostate Cancer Awareness for Senior Men

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Since taking on the task of developing this web site, I have found myself completely consumed with an interest in anything that might remotely relate to senior issues.  It doesn’t particularly matter to me if the subject matter is relevant to issues …

December 5, 2006

Supplementing Income for Senior Citizens – Intro

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Though I have carefully chosen the name Planned Seniorhood for my web site, there are a number of posts that I intend to make regarding financial planning that could more appropriately be categorized under the heading Unplanned Seniorhood. It seems that almost everywhere you turn, there is plenty of advice out there for young people about where and how much to invest in order to reach retirement years financially comfortable, but so far I haven’t found much information available with solutions for the others.

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