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Seniorhood TMIn case you are wondering, as of right now Seniorhood is not recognized by any of the major dictionaries. Childhood, adulthood, sisterhood, brotherhood, parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood, just to name a few, all have been deemed worthy of entry, but as yet there is no seniorhood. So as one of my first acts on behalf of this new-found cause, I have attempted to submit the word seniorhood to the kind people at Oxford Dictionary, hoping that in due time the newest English "hood" will emerge. As I understand it, the more seniorhood is used in our everyday writing, the more likely seniorhood will be added, not only to Oxford but to other dictionaries as well. A small step, but it’s a start.

Planned Seniorhood TMGrowing up was a concept I always struggled with, so growing older was something to which I never gave much thought. That is, until 1998. During that year, I became a grandmother and lost my father all within less than a two-month period. Seven months later, I lost my precious grandmother. Still in the throes of denial about my own advancing age, I threw my energies into concern for my mother and her health and her happiness. With Mom now alone and still living in the family home whose location no longer resembled the safe, wholesome neighborhood of my youth, I eagerly began to search for an active-adult community for her. It was my thinking that she could find a new place to live where all of her neighbors would be nearer her own age and circumstance, where there would be an activities’ coordinator that would provide a gamut of daily social activities to keep her entertained, and a gated community that would provide a safe-enough environment for her to take a late-afternoon stroll if that is what she wanted to do. In other words, we could both sleep well at night.

As I diligently began my online search, I was somewhat surprised at the expense of many of the communities available to this age group and was even moreso overwhelmed at the complexity of the search. Regarding the real estate sticker shock, I couldn’t help but wonder if everyone except my parents had clairvoyant stock brokers. It was during this time of searching and questioning that all of a sudden everywhere I looked, I began to notice a variety of issues and how they related to seniors. I could be doing something as simple as walking down an aisle in the grocery store filling my cart, as I customarily would do, without serious consideration for the expense, when suddenly I would notice next to me a person of obvious advancing years carefully placing a select few items in her cart and using coupons to boot. I began to hear stories from my mom of how some of her friends living on Social Security alone had very little left to live on each month after unavoidable and mounting medical expenses. I could go on with these examples and in time I will, but for now — well, you get the jist. The thing is that eventually it occurred to me that one day real soon I, too, would be amongst this very same group. Questions began to occupy my thoughts almost with obsession. Will I have planned adequately when it is time for me to retire? Will my children and grandchildren? And even if I had planned carefully, couldn’t circumstances change – a housing bubble, a stock market crash, soaring inflation? What if the promises of politicians to fix Social Security didn’t come to fruition? What then? The flow of questions seemed endless.

Planned Seniorhood will be about issues relating to that stage of life called Seniorhood. Through this site, I hope to glean a better understanding to many of the questions that have surfaced, at least in my own mind, and in the process perhaps discuss others’ questions as well.

Author/Owner – Just a quick introduction for now. My name is Liz. I’m currently married, have one son, and one grandson. Our home is in Woodstock, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, but deep down I call Louisiana my home. I lived there for 33 years, and for that many years it was my Terra (Earth). I have one older sister, four brothers, two adopted Russian Blue cats (sisters), a Cairn Terrier, and an adopted Jack Russel Terrier. My mother, as I previously mentioned, is my inspiration and a great source for Planned Seniorhood, and my father’s tenacious spirit, which I share, would so love that I am doing this. Currently, my spare time is spent helping take care of my grandson, playing tennis, sailing, gardening, reading, and right now spending an enormous amount of hours learning to build this web site. Not an easy feat for a non-techie.

Other things about me that you may be interested in will most likely surface at some point or another in the course of my writings. Better still, maybe in the course of my travels, though limited for now, our paths may cross and we can share stories over coffee. I’d like that.

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