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acts-food-drive.jpgToo often age-restricted community residents are viewed as a group wanting to selfishly shut themselves off from the rest of the world to indulge in a life of luxury, travel, and play. Having just read the book Leisureville, I was disappointed by the author’s perception of the residents and their day-to-day life during his 30-day stay at The Villages. While age-restricted communities may not be the preferred choice for some, in my opinion, living an active life among new friends sharing common interests and circumstance is a wonderful way to spend one’s retirement years.

This morning while reading through emails and news articles, I came across a piece in the Boca Raton News that was a refreshing affirmation of an often-missed positive of age-restricted communities: their charitable works. In this news article, we learn that the residents and staff members of Three Boca Raton ACTS Retirement Life Communities (St. Andrews Estates North, South, and Edgewater Pointe Estates) along with their corporate office for the southern division have generously collected and donated 1800 pounds of food for Boca Helping Hands.

There were nearly 13,000 ACTS employees and residents nationwide that participated in the drive. Some 26,000 pounds or 13 tons of food was delivered to food banks and soup kitchens in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Eric Elfus, Executive Director at Edgewater Pointe, said, “We feel blessed to have the means to give back to those less fortunate. Residents want to do it again next year.” What a testament to the generosity of the residents and employees of the ACTS communities.

ACTS is a non-profit, faith-based organization that builds, owns and manages east coast retirement communities. ACTS is headquartered in West Point, Pennsylvania.

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