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Readers Take Note – 10 Reasons You’d Love To Own a Kindle


First, What Is A Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle is a portable wireless electronic e-book reader that allows users to download books, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and more. At a cost in the neighborhood of $350, it’s not inexpensive. What it is though is convenient. Real convenient.

Convenient: How?

Here are 10 reasons why purchasing a Kindle might be worth considering:

  1. Easy to Handle – The Kindle weighs only 10.3 ounces, which makes it lighter and thinner than most paperbacks. That means the Kindle will fit and is easily managed with one hand. Hold a cup of coffee, walk on a treadmill, or rock your grandbaby to sleep with one hand and still comfortably read your favorite book, blog, magazine, or newspaper with the other. And it holds over 200 titles.
  2. Built-in Dictionary – Over 250,000 definitions taken from The New Oxford American Dictionary are included in the Kindle, so you don’t have to stop reading to find a dictionary or miss the meaning entirely if one is not available. There’s even free built-in access to, so that in addition to word definitions, you also have encyclopedia access. No defenestration urge necessary with a Kindle.
  3. Rechargeable Battery – The Kindle can fully recharge in two hours. Depending on usage, battery life may vary. As long as you’re not doing extensive online searches and just turning the Kindle on for reading, a charge could last as long as two weeks.
  4. Whispernet Wireless Access – Except for Montana and Alaska, Amazon’s proprietary Whispernet technology enables cost-free wireless searches and downloads so that you can access and enjoy a wide variety of reading material – quickly.
  5. Personal Virtual Library – Each purchased book that you read is backed up online in Your Media Library, so that you can refer back or re-read any of your favorites at your pleasure.
  6. Easy Navigation – The ergonomic design allows for vertical page-turning on both left and right sides of the Kindle. As a "lefty," that is an appreciated feature.
  7. Annotations and Bookmarks – Kindle keeps track of what page you are on, so that when you are ready to begin reading again, it knows just where you left off. And if you’re keeping notes or want to highlight key passages for a research project, book club, or just for your own personal reference, Kindle allows you to create marginal notes which you can edit, delete, or even export.
  8. High-Resolution Display – With technology called electronic paper and by using electronically-displayed ink particles, reading on the Kindle will resemble the appearance and have similar readability of printed paper. There is no backlighting, so there is not the glare often associated with electronic displays, and the screen never gets hot. Excellent for reading at the beach or on the boat.
  9. Large Selection – The Kindle Store offers a large selection of books (over 190,000) to choose from. Since it’s an Amazon product, you get the same benefits you’d expect from any Amazon book purchase. Search for books by title or author and read customer reviews, recommended book lists, browse some of the pages, and get great discounted prices on even the newest releases. Access top U.S. or international newspapers like The Wall Street Journal or Le Monde; magazine subscriptions like Reader’s Digest; or read your favorite of over 1000 blogs such as Michelle Malkin or TechCrunch. Amazingly, the prices are quite reasonable.
  10. Adjustable Fonts – There are six adjustable font sizes to choose from making it easier for those of us whose enjoy reading the larger-font books but often can’t find them. Now even best sellers are available with larger font.

Check out the YouTube Kindle video below:

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