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January 26, 2007

TV Program Rated RL for Retirement Living

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Most of us in the 50-plus age group can clearly vintage tvremember sitting sleepily¬ in the dark, wee hours on a Saturday morning, eyes affixed to a blank and humming television set, waiting with anticipation for the new day’s programming to begin.¬ We longed to be entertained — to laugh, to cry, to learn.

September 29, 2006

Reduce Immigration – Secure US Borders

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There are many important issues under debate in our country right now that have the potential to affect not only senior citizens but the whole of our nation. Too many seniors in America have fought in wars, paid exorbitant taxes, …

September 28, 2006

Senior-Friendly Communities

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According to Census Bureau statistics, by the year 2050, one in five Americans, around 86.7 million, will be age 65 or older. That is nearly twice today’s number. Staggering, if you really think about it.

With that many Americans well into …

September 27, 2006

Georgia – Tax Break for Working Seniors

Filed under: Senior Politics,Uncategorized - 27 Sep 2006

As many seniors have comfortably settled into their newfound life of leisure, there are a good many who for any number of reasons must continue to work in order to maintain their daily status quo. True, there are many people …

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