Active Adult Community CheckList

Active Adult Community Location:
  1. What is the name of the closest town or city surrounding the community?
  2. What is the current population in the area?
  3. What are the traffic conditions like in the area?
  4. Describe the feel of the town? Run down? Vibrant?
  5. What is the town’s predominant character?
    • Tourist ___
    • Historic ___
    • College ___
    • Resort ___
    • Other ____
  6. What is the year-round climate like in the area?
  7. Distance to the nearest major airport?
  8. What is the crime rate in the area? Statistical source:
  9. What is the terrain like in the area? Hilly___ Flat ___ Mountaineous ___ Beach ___
  10. Does the area have the potential for natural disasters? Hurricanes? ____ Earthquakes? ____ Flooding? ____ Drought? ____ Others: _______
  11. Does the area have higher insurance premiums due to potential for natural disasters? If so, what type of additional insurance is required?
  12. Contact your insurance agent to find out if there will be an increase in your other types of insurance? Car? _____ Home? ______ Medical? _______
  13. What is the main industry in the area?
  14. Would there be adequate full or part-time work in the area if needed?
  15. What is the state’s tax rate for property, income, inheritance, state and local? Notes:

  1. Is there an age restriction for living in the community? If yes, what age?
  2. How old is the community?
  3. If incomplete, when is the expected completion date for the community?
  4. Is the community gated? If yes, is the entrance manned around the clock or electronically monitored?
  5. Are there sidewalks and streetlights within the community?
  6. What amenities are available:
    • Golf ____
    • Tennis ____
    • Swimming Pool ____
    • Indoor/Outdoor/Heated ____
    • Shuffleboard ____
    • Marina ____
    • Bowling Alley ____
    • Theatre ____
    • Beach ____
    • Walking Trails ____
    • Garden ____
    • Ballroom ____
    • Library ____
    • Computer Lab ____
    • Exercise Equipment ____
    • Card Room ____
    • Spa ____
    • Other ______________
  7. Are there attractive common grounds?
  8. Is there a dedicated director for activities?
  9. Ask for a copy of the last several months activities. Attach.
  10. What type of social clubs are offered?
    • Book? _____
    • Card? _____
    • Religious? _____
    • Sports? _____
    • Travel? ______
    • Social? ______
    • Other: _________
  11. What is the community policy on having guests?
  12. Is there an age or time restriction in place?
  13. Are grandchildren welcome?
  14. Is there a convenient place of worship nearby? Get the name and web site, if available.
  15. Are there any rules regarding pet ownership?
  16. Is there any type of fencing on the property allowed?
  17. Does the community offer additional storage site for RVs, boats, or other items of that nature? If so, at what expense?
  18. Are there conveniences available on site for an additional fee:
    • Banking? _____
    • Dry Cleaning? _____
    • Beauty salon? _____
    • Other: _____
  19. Is there a restaurant on site? Is the menu selection and meal cost acceptable?
  20. Does the surrounding community have a variety of restaurants and places of entertainment available?
  21. How much are the homeowners fees and what do they cover?
  22. Who provides garbage pickup? ____________________________________________________
  23. Cable? ________________________________________________________________________
  24. Sewage treatment? _____________________________________________________________
  25. Police and fire protection? ________________________________________________________
  26. Broadband Services? _____________________________________________________________
  27. Electricity? _____________________________________________________________________
  28. Request to see the homeowners and amenities fees for the last five years to determine what type of increases might be expected in the near future? Attach.
  29. Who owns the amenities: Residents? Private group? Developer?
  30. Who is responsible for amenity upkeep?
  31. Is the community located within a flood zone? Has there ever been a flood to community property?
    Useful sources for area environmental concerns:

  32. Does the community have adequate insurance to cover structural and property loss due to unforseen disasters?
  33. If there is a community-owned lake, who will be responsible for periodic lake maintenance?
  34. Are there nearby sources of:
    • offensive noises? ___
    • Pollution? ___
    • Busy streetways? ____
    • Early hour grass cutting on golf course? _____
  35. Do all homes within the community, regardless of price, share the same amenities?
  36. Ask for a copy of the Covenants, conditions, and restrictions that govern the master-pllanned community.
  37. Check the plat map. Attach.
  38. Is the staff personable with the residents? Do you get the feel of a friendly, happy environment?
  39. If unable to drive, is there a shuttle or public transportation available to the community?
  40. Is the political, religious, and cultural environment compatible with your own?
  41. What’s the average age of the residents within the community?
  42. Where are the majority of the residents from?
  43. Do you share similar income, educational, and professional backgrounds with the majority of the community?
  44. Does the community or nearby area offer cultural interests such as theatre, art, ballet, museums?
  45. Is there a nearby university where you can take classes, if interested?
  46. What type of medical facilities are in the area? How far to the nearest top-rated trauma hospital?
  47. Does your health insurance cover a variety of doctors and specialists in the area?
  48. Get the names of and references, if possible, for a family doctor and any specialists you might use.
Home Options:
  1. Is the community architecture aesthetically pleasing?
  2. Do the homes appear to be well landscaped and maintained?
  3. Is yard maintenance covered in association dues?
  4. Is there a variety of home styles within the community?
  5. What is the typical construction type of the homes?
  6. What is the price range of homes within the community?
  7. What type of home is available within your available price range?
  8. What is the price range of lots within the community?
  9. What is the average age of the homes within the community?
  10. Does the interior of the home appear to be well laid out?
  11. Is the washer/dryer located in an easily-accessible location within the house?
  12. Is the shower/tub senior friendly and the storage cabinets and other appliances within easy reach?
  13. Who is the builder/developer in the community?
  14. What other communities has this builder been involved with? Ask for references.
  15. Do the standard appliances and features of the home appear to be of good quality?
  16. Speak to several residents about the quality of the construction of their home. Get names and phone numbers or email addresses, if possible. Attach.
  17. What has been the average resale value of the homes to date?
  18. What has been the average amount of time a house remains on the market before resale?
  19. If you are interested in having a housekeeper, is there someone available to the community to come in and clean and/or cook in your home?
  20. Does the community offer basement options?
  21. Can you build a swimming pool or extended deck or sunroom on your property if you choose to?
  22. Do the homes come equipped with an emergency response button?
  23. Are there homes for rent should you want to live within the community before deciding to buy?
  24. Notes: ______________________________________________________

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